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January 2015 Newsletter

Download our latest edition of our newsletter.

Topics included in this month's issue include:
-Food As Medicine
-Salmon Recipe
-Transcendental Meditation
-Protein Guide
-Carbohydrate Guide


April 2015 Newsletter

Download our latest edition. Topics included in this issue are:

-New location
-New staff
-Exercise corner
-Laser special
-Laser tattoo removal
-Post workouts
-Food to eat if stressed
-Spring allergies


August 2015 Newsletter

Our latest edition has arrived! Highlights include:

-New Office Location
-ASEA and RENU28
-7 Tricks for Eating Less
-Deleterious Effects of Coca Cola
-Exercise Corner
-Open House


September 2015 Newsletter

Topics in this month's edition include:
-Bioidentical Hormones
-New Treatment
-Testosterone for Women
-Exercise Corner
-Your Body on Walking
-Interval Training


October 2015 Newsletter

Topics included in this edition:
-Adrenal Fatigue
-High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss
-Strategies to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer
-Exercise Corner
-BHRT Talks


November 2015 Newsletter

Our November issue covers these topics:
-December Open House
-Signs of gluten intolerance
-Adrenal fatigue
-New Osteoben product
-Cancer survivors-Eating healthy

We hope to see you at our Open House!